National projects and collaborations



National Projects and Collaborations

MTU aims to move from a knowledge-based university to a knowledge center university through engagement as a catalyst for the social and economic development of society.At the national level, the University achieves this goal through involvement in national projects, interconnection of different interest groups and involvement in social responsibility.Tirana Metropolitan University periodically establishes cooperative relations with other institutions of higher education in Albania and Kosovo, as well as with various companies, giving students the opportunity to complete teaching internships. Many of them, after completing their studies at UMT, are employed in partner companies of the university.




Skanderbeg in Time

The "Skanderbeg in Time" (SK) project aimed to promote historical values and increase museum visitors through the use of technology.Thanks to the creation of an interactive game, visitors had the opportunity to get to know the national hero better, to become part of the most interesting events such as the signing of agreements or historic speeches or battles.Their robot guided them inside the museum to the most interesting points by orienting themselves on its map, according to the location of the five works selected to be integrated into the project.

The winner's mission was to explore and find all the locations within a time limit of no more than an hour.The game-based technology is mainly related to tablets / smartphones and Augemented Reality. The project was implemented by the Metropolitan University of Tirana, in close cooperation with the Kruja Museum and the Ministry of Culture.

Meanwhile, in the premises of MTU was organized a painting competition inspired by our national hero, which was attended by students of the professional program of Graphic Design.

Promotion of reading in high schools in Tirana

This project proposed the creation of cooperation networks between schools and libraries. Eight high schools and eight libraries collaborated in pairs (according to the administrative unit) to improve students' knowledge and skills, as well as to improve participatory structures.

Libraries directly benefited from this cooperation by establishing an internal library management system, reducing manual work through online service and increasing the number of attendees.On the other hand, schools were encouraged to participate in collaboration through the possibility of extra-curricular learning and the promotion of independent learning among students, aiming at the inclusion of all students by class in a 10-week collaborative project.

This project was finalized with a competition among high school students in Tirana, where three prizes were awarded for the best essays based on the books they had read and one prize for the school.Anisa Nebiu from the school "Petro Nini Luarasi" won the first prize, with a check of 50,000 ALL.

The second place was won by Pavlo Suka of the gymnasium "Sami Frashëri", with a check of 30,000 ALL, while the third place went again to the school "Petro Nini Luarasi" for the work of student Rexhina Vataj, who was awarded 20,000 ALL. Meanwhile, the school prize was awarded for the "Sami Frashëri" gymnasium.

National Projects and Collaborations

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  • Universiteti Politeknik i Tiranës
  • Instituti për Zhvillimin e Studimeve të Integruara
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  • Institucioni Financiar NOA
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  • International Financial Institute of Banking and Insurance
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