Ten reasons why MTU





University focused on Engineering, Architecture and Economics

With three faculties, namely the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, the Faculty of Computer Science and IT and the Faculty of Economics, Metropolitan Tirana University strives to prepare young professionals who are not only required by the market but also serve strategic interests in economic development and social media.


Academic excellence



Metropolitan Tirana University has been awarded "Excellent", receiving institutional accreditation for five years by the Quality Assurance Agency of Higher Education and the British Accreditation Agency.


Scholarships up to 100%



Metropolitan TiranaUniversity supports excellence.High-school graduates as well as national and international Olympiad winners can benefit from excellence scholarships that are valid for the entire course of study.


Exchange opportunities between partner universities



Thanks to collaborations with over 15 European universities, Metropolitan Tirana University students can pursue one or two academic semesters abroad, within the Erasmus + program.


Contemporary laboratories



Special attention is given to the coordination of theoretical and practical knowledge at Metropolitan TiranaUniversity, where students of each program have the opportunity to be trained in 11 laboratories complete with all necessary technological equipment.Particularly students of Civil Engineering, Software Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Economics Informatics develop many practical courses in their respective laboratories.


Active student life



Over 90 activities organized by Student Clubs in collaboration with the academic and administrative staff of Metropolitan Tirana University give color to student life beyond lectures, creating a dynamic and social environment.

Metropolitan Incubator



The first and only incubator created within a university that develops the most innovative business ideas.The Metropolitan Incubator offers its support to students who want to become part of the entrepreneurial world, with 85% of the ideas presented being incubated, 71% of them creating a prototype and 28% of the ideas that have created the prototype being marketed.

Teaching in English as well



Thanks to international academic staff, MTU also offers the opportunity to study English in many of the study programs, providing contemporary literature on the formation of young professionals in the fields of Engineering, Architecture and Economics.

Students bag



Metropolitan Tirana University ensures that all students have the equipment and information necessary for the successful development of the academic process.At the time of enrollment, students are provided with a Student Handbag which includes a Laptop, a CD with didactic lessons, access to online tutorials and web-mail, a Student Card, a Student Guide and Regulations.

Social responsibility



The focus of Metropolitan TiranaUniversity is the organization of social and cultural activities in support of sectors of strategic importance and marginalized groups.MTU also offers coverage of study costs up to 100% through social scholarships.