Eng. Arjan Çukaj - The president of “Metropolitan Tirana University”

With confidence that higher education is one of the essential mechanisms for sustainable economic and social development of the country, Metropolitan Tirana University has not unintentionally is profiled in architecture, engineering and economics as three strategic sectors to achieve this goal.

The academic programs of Metropolitan Tirana University are designed according to the best domestic and foreign expertise, having as its main indicator market requirements and global development trends. The University is a dynamic environment that brings together professors, researchers, students and freelancers, always in the process of evolving and seeking more efficient solutions to scientific and professional challenges.

We adhere to the paradigm that the university should be at the service of society, that is why MTU focuses not only in offering to academically prepare young professionals in sectors with high potential for country development, but also engages in a broader field starting from continuous training courses, periodic trainings, journals and scientific conferences, national and international projects, not to mention the many laboratories with modern equipment in service of our students and researchers.

Tirana Metropolitan University has successfully undergone every accreditation process, both by local and foreign institutions. But the best proof of quality and success are our graduate students over the years, who contribute their expertise to prestigious institutions, as well as those new students who decide each year to become part of our ambitious project.

As the Founder and President of Metropolitan Tirana University, I invite you to work with us to take your qualitative step towards professional and scientific success.

Eng. Arjan Çukaj