Social responsibility is no longer a concept related solely to charity or voluntary activities, but in a broader and more comprehensive concept that contributes to the solution of economic, social and environmental problems. The university is considered as an essential pillar of society in achieving sustainable development. In this perspective, the university contributes in raising awareness of social responsibility among students, academic and administrative staff.

Conscious of its role, Tirana Metropolitan University contributes to social responsibility through social scholarships and development projects with public impact. By providing scholarships to excellent students but with limited economical support, Tirana Metropolitan University contributes to the training of young professionals in engineering, architecture and economics with the conviction that they are an added value to Albanian society.

Tirana Metropolitan University, through the engagement of staff and students of the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, has reconstructed the new Emergency in Infectious Disease Service at Mother Teresa University Hospital Center. The reconstruction of the building included the architectural study of the building, the functional solution inside and outside the building, the constructive changes to the existing building and the accomplishment of the construction works despite the requirements of a contemporary quality that such a building requires. So this facility, too, was a "laboratory" where knowledge was acquired, skills learned, specific work techniques were improved, but it also served as a school for UMT students to be educated with feelings of humanity and in working in the benefit of society.

Tirana Metropolitan University has collaborated with the show "I want to make you happy" where it has reconstructed some homes for families in need. After the earthquake of 21st September and 26th November, lecturers from the Department of Civil Engineering immediately engaged in the field to conduct damage assessment in collaboration with governmental institutions. MTU also undertook the rebuilding of a damaged house in the Picëllë area, which its project was designed by students and lecturers of the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture.

The students of Tirana Metropolitan University are the ones who constantly organize activities with social impact such as blood donation campaigns, tree planting in the capital, the "We donate to you" fair where the funds have gone to help deaf and dumb children, the realization of "Tapestry" in Mother Teresa Square etc.