Nikolla Civici

Prof. Dr. Nikolla Civici - Rector of Metropolitan Tirana University

Nikola Civici studied Physics at the Faculty of Natural Sciences, specializing in Analytical Chemistry. In 1997 he received the "Doctor of Science" degree, and in 2001 the title "Professor" from the University of Tirana.

Prof. Dr. Civici has extensive work experience in several institutes, such as foreman in the Gas Laboratory part of the Oil Scientific Sector, physicist in the Radiometry Department, Head of the Department of Instrumental Analytical Methods, Director of the Nuclear Implemented Physics Institute etc. Moreover, professor Civici has continuously been engaged in the academic world, at the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Natural Sciences at the University of Tirana.

He has completed a series of trainings abroad in the field of nuclear physics, fluorescence, X-rays and portable XRF systems in Austria, Belgium, England, Germany, Italy, Greece, etc. Furthermore, he is the author of several academic textbooks, 48 scientific articles, 60 publications and 38 references and postings in various scientific conferences.

He has been a member of the IFB Scientific Council and the Metrology Commission. From 2019 to 2021 he held the position of Vice Rector at the Metropolitan University of Tirana and from 2021 he was appointed Rector of the Metropolitan University of Tirana.