The Metro Research Center, established in 2015, aims to be actively involved in the field of public policy by promoting economic and social development, as well as public education policies at the national level.

Metro Research Center is an integral part of the scientific and academic activity of the Metropolitan Tirana University, contributing to the professional and academic capacities of the university and introduces applicable standards mainly in the field of education, management, leadership, construction, information technology, sustainable development, etc. Metro

Research Center offers mentoring, management or consulting to strategic partners in research project development. Metro research implements its mission through pilot activities and consulting services, funded by national and international institutions as well as its involvement in the areas of social management, economic development, urban and community development, encouraging students and young people to identify and implement innovative ideas in information technology and beyond.

These ideas can serve as potential business initiatives. The Metro Research Center has established the Metropolitan Incubator, the first incubator within a university campus in Albania that engages students in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation.

The Metropolitan Geo-Space Center has been established as a joint initiative of the Metropolitan University of Tirana, Metropolitan Incubator and the company Geo-Vjosa. The Metropolitan Geo-Spatial Center aims to collect data (obtained from land sources), process the data, and ultimately materialize this data into geospatial information systems (maps). The Metropolitan Geo-Space Center combines the science of geography with information technology and is the best example of how geo-spatial data can be turned into a competitive asset.

The Metropolitan Geo-Space Center aims to promote GIS technology, advertising and sales of products, collect accurate geo-spatial data and determine their use in software products, provide links with professionals and create the possibility of promotion and selling projects to potential customers, etc.