What is the MetroResearch center?
"Metroresearch Center, established in 2015, aims to develop, implement and actively participate in scientific research projects, consulting and expertise in the field of public policy to promote economic and social development, as well as education at the national level.
It implements its mission through direct involvement with projects in the field of education, entrepreneurship and innovation, social management and leadership, information technology, sustainable development, culture, integration of young people in urban and community development, etc.
As an integral part of the Metropolitan University of Tirana, the MetroResearch Center contributes to the increase of the professional and academic capacities of the university, as well as introduces applicable standards in the above mentioned fields.
The Metroresearch Center has established the first university business incubator: the Metropolitan Incubator. ”

Metropolitan Incubator - The first "On Campus" incubator in the district of Albanian universities. Its mission is to support the successful development of businesses, influencing regional economic development.

Project development - Ideation and implementation of projects in the field of education, entrepreneurship, management, leadership, construction, information technology, sustainable development, etc.






Albanian Management Center - Offers 2-6 month courses in the field of management for professionals. Collaborates closely with the academic staff of the management profile of FE - UMT, as well as with international experts in the field.

Metropolitan Innovation Center - Founded by UMT as a product of the EU for Innovation project, serves as a center for technological support of new ideas of students, entrepreneurs or researchers.





Working group

Nikolla Civici – Board Member

“Prof. Dr. Nikola Civici completed his studies in Physics at the Faculty of Natural Sciences, and then specialized in Analytical Chemistry. In 1997 he received the degree "Doctor of Science", while in 2010 the title "Professor" from the University of Tirana.
Prof. Dr. Civici has extensive work experience in various institutes, as head of the Gas Laboratory in the Scientific Sector of Oil Refining, Head of the Department of Instrumental Analytical Methods, Director of the Institute of Applied Nuclear Physics, etc. Also, Professor Civici has had a continuous commitment in the academic world, at the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Natural Sciences at the University of Tirana.
Has completed a series of trainings abroad in the field of nuclear physics, X-ray fluorescence and XRF portable systems in Austria, Belgium, England, Germany, Italy, Greece, etc. He is the author of 56 scientific articles, 60 publications, proceedings and about 40 references and postings in various scientific conferences.
He was a member of the IFB Scientific Council, the contact point of the International Atomic Energy Agency for Albania and a member of the Metrology Commission.
Email: ncivici@umt.edu.al"


Elvis Hazizi – Board Member

Elvis Hazizi is a board member at Metroresearch, and at the same time Director of Finance and Support Services at UMT. A graduate of the Faculty of Finance, she has more than 10 years of experience in financial institutions in leading positions.


Besa Mançka - Projects Director

"Besa Mançka is the Director of the Rectorate Cabinet at Metropolitan Tirana University, as well as the director of Research Projects at the Metroresearch Center. She has 10 years of experience in higher education institutions in the positions of administrator, lecturer, researcher in the field of Higher Education Management, etc. Besa completed her higher studies at the Faculty of Law and graduated with a Master of Science. Has been part of the implementation of successful projects such as: Metropolitan Incubator, INED, Ciceroni Virtual Guide, Me To University, etc.
Email: bmancka@umt.edu.al ”

Pleurat Rexhepi - Director

Pleurat Rexhepi is the director of the Metropolitan Incubator, Metropolitan University of Tirana, which helps and assists various startups in Albania. He is educated in the UK and holds a PhD from Kings College London for Corporate Strategy and an MSc from Cass Business School for Management and Auditing. He has worked as a full-time lecturer on Innovation and Corporate Governance and also has experience in private businesses and public institutions.
Email: prexhepi@umt.edu.al”

Elona Cera - Coordinator

"Elona Cera is the coordinator of the Metropolitan Incubator and at the same time a lecturer. Her career over the years has focused on pedagogy, consulting and coordination. She has been a lecturer for 4 years, currently at the Metropolitan University of Tirana. He is currently pursuing his doctoral studies at Thomas Bata University in Zlin.
  • Email: ecera@umt.edu.al"

Ana Limani - Coordinator

"Ana Limani is the coordinator of the Metropolitan Incubator. He recently graduated in "Software Engineering" and has 2 years of experience in managing startup mentoring programs. Ana successfully completed the Academy for Innovation Ecosystems and Entrepreneurship at Lund University.
Email: alimani@umt.edu.al”

Majlinda Dhuka – Mentor

Majlinda is a mentor at the Metropolitan Incubator and a lecturer in Business and Project Management, Engineering Project Management, Corporate Governance, etc. Her expertise is focused on issues of development and growth, strategic planning and management, projects, financing, investments, etc.

Aida Hamzaj - Mentor

Aida is a mentor at the Metropolitan Incubator and a lecturer in Contract Management, Corporate Governance, etc. Her expertise is focused on issues of international business, development, strategic management, SME financing, etc.

Vaska Dhuka - Mentor

Vaska is a mentor at the Metropolitan Incubator and deputy director of the Albanian Post. He has more than 10 years of managerial experience at Tirana Bank.

Igli Hyka - Intern

Igli Hyka graduated from UMT in the Business Administration study program. He has finished with excellent results, as well as being awarded the Prize for Excellence in Education. Igli has been a member of the business incubator for 3 months, an experience which is highlighting his knowledge in this field.

Kasandra Karameta- Intern

Kasandra Karameta is one of the UMT students, part of the incubator team as an intern. For 7 years she volunteered with an organization to help communities in need. She has participated in trainings related to social impact, and has been part of the two-year module related to active citizenship and leadership.
Kasandra is a second year student in the field of Business Administration, as well as runs the Student Entrepreneurship Club at UMT.

Projects implemented by the Metroresearch Center

1. Virtual Ciceroni (2016-2017)

  • Providing modern methods of service for arts and culture institutions, making these institutions more interesting and more visited by people, a project supported by Ministry of Culture in Albania.
  • Expertise provided: - Design and implementation of the application for the information software system - TIK - Geo-localization logic - Google Maps configuration - API configuration - Evaluation survey and classification of more than 150 economic / business operators in Tirana - Designing a virtual map - Tourism Tirana - Training and capacity building

2. My Little Tirana (2018 and beyond) (www.mylittletirana.com)

Our mission is to offer a brand guide for the tasting experience and culinary tourism in Tirana and Albania.
My Little Tirana is your main destination for culinary tourism. A brand platform, the first in Albania, for the culinary evaluation of bars and restaurants. In it you will find an extensive database of restaurants in Tirana, divided according to your categories and preferences. For any restaurant, you will find a professional review not only for the food but for the tasting experience.


3. InED – Education Incubator (2019-2022)

This project, supported by Ministry of Finance in Albania, aims to develop an Education Incubator (InED) ecosystem to find simple ideas and turn them into startups through early incubation. - InED is based on integrated software and includes a strong focus on technology and entrepreneurship skills transfer.


4. Berat Multifunctional Center (2020-2021)

Development of a Multifunctional Center in Berat - in cooperation with the Municipality of Berat and supported by IADSA - as a model for the development and empowerment of children and young people in the area to be active citizens with a range of multidimensional skills, as well as to help their life to achieve success.

5. Youth Access to European Education (2021)

This project - supported by AMSHC - aims to develop and promote new skills and competencies for young people who have access to education, with a focus on young people and girls in the districts. The project aims to develop networking and partnerships between universities and pre-university education in Albania. Our project is related to priority no.2 of the call-in order to recognize and educate with European standards and respect for human rights in the framework of European integration..