Metropolitan Incubator is the first "On Campus" incubator in the district of Albanian universities. Its mission is to support the successful development of businesses, influencing regional economic development.

METINC offers mentoring, technical support and academic advice, co-working space, as well as access to various funding programs. Young people, startups or small and medium businesses, have the opportunity to be part of IDEA and Accelerator mentoring programs, to develop and grow their ideas, in accordance with market opportunities and demands.More than 20 startups have been part of the incubation at METINC and currently 12 startups or businesses are registered in the mentoring programs. ”


+20 Startups


12 Startups

Currently in the Idea and
Accelerator mentoring programs

+300 Participants

In trainings, master classes
and organized events

3 Startup City

Annual evel
in the world of startups
"Idea and Accelerator mentoring programs"

IDEA Program: For: Startups in the idea phase and startups registered for up to 3 years

Accelerator Program: For: Startups registered for more than 2-3 years, aiming to expand / grow in the market.

What are the benefits of being part of mentoring programs:

• Continuous One-to-One mentoring
• Workspace in a coworking space
• Assistance in applications for projects, grants, financing, investors, etc.
• Access to necessary information resources for startups, networking events, etc.
• Continuous workshops and masterclasses on entrepreneurial knowledge and innovation
• Membership in various regional and international networks for startups and enterprises
• Independent training programs / courses to increase entrepreneurial knowledge and skills
• Marketing and advertising to a wide audience
• Cooperation with important national and regional actors for market access, partnerships, etc.
Mentors and staff

Pleurat Rexhepi - Director

Pleurat Rexhepi is the director of the Metropolitan Incubator, Metropolitan University of Tirana, which helps and assists various startups in Albania. He is educated in the UK and holds a PhD from Kings College London for Corporate Strategy and an MSc from Cass Business School for Management and Auditing. He has worked as a full-time lecturer on Innovation and Corporate Governance and also has experience in private businesses and public institutions.

Elona Cera - Coordinator

"Elona Cera is the coordinator of the Metropolitan Incubator and at the same time a lecturer. Her career over the years has focused on pedagogy, consulting and coordination. She has been a lecturer for 4 years, currently at the Metropolitan University of Tirana. He is currently pursuing his doctoral studies at Thomas Bata University in Zlin.
  • Email:"

Ana Limani - Coordinator

"Ana Limani is the coordinator of the Metropolitan Incubator. He recently graduated in "Software Engineering" and has 2 years of experience in managing startup mentoring programs. Ana successfully completed the Academy for Innovation Ecosystems and Entrepreneurship at Lund University.

Majlinda Dhuka – Mentor

Majlinda is a mentor at the Metropolitan Incubator and a lecturer in Business and Project Management, Engineering Project Management, Corporate Governance, etc. Her expertise is focused on issues of development and growth, strategic planning and management, projects, financing, investments, etc.

Aida Hamzaj - Mentor

Aida is a mentor at the Metropolitan Incubator and a lecturer in Contract Management, Corporate Governance, etc. Her expertise is focused on issues of international business, development, strategic management, SME financing, etc.

Vaska Dhuka - Mentor

Vaska is a mentor at the Metropolitan Incubator and deputy director of the Albanian Post. He has more than 10 years of managerial experience at Tirana Bank.

Igli Hyka - Intern

Igli Hyka graduated from UMT in the Business Administration study program. He has finished with excellent results, as well as being awarded the Prize for Excellence in Education. Igli has been a member of the business incubator for 3 months, an experience which is highlighting his knowledge in this field.

Kasandra Karameta- Intern

Kasandra Karameta is one of the UMT students, part of the incubator team as an intern. For 7 years she volunteered with an organization to help communities in need. She has participated in trainings related to social impact, and has been part of the two-year module related to active citizenship and leadership.
Kasandra is a second year student in the field of Business Administration, as well as runs the Student Entrepreneurship Club at UMT.

Currently in incubation


The purpose of the "LEAD" idea is to create a customer-oriented online shopping platform. Products are recommended to the customer based on preferences and the nearest location of shops and services. Also, thanks to all the special options, this platform facilitates communication and meeting the specific needs of customers. The start-up is still in the idea stage and the innovation it brings is found in the sales channels, but above all being a "lead" - a guide for the most economical and intelligent purchases.

We find Romix in the market with two products: graphic novels and toys. Graphic novels are a space for stories about human rights, forced evictions, multiculturalism or Balkan legends. While Romix Toys aims to produce toys, accessories and craft souvenirs based on graphic novels. What is special about Romix is the social spectrum of his business, which employs women and girls from vulnerable groups. He was the second place winner in Startup City 3



WebProm is a platform which enables 7 ways of online advertising within a single platform, maximizing results and minimizing costs. The WebProm platform is easily accessible and 100% self-contained. Born in 2018 as a need for the local market, where in the absence of a platform which provided innovative channels to promote businesses, it started with only two services Banner Ads and Text ads, and then these services were expanded to suit the needs of the market.Website:


Qëndistari Zyberaj

"Qëndistari Zyberaj" has been operating in the market for a long time, offering products with traditional motifs mixed with modern designs. Its purpose is to offer them in bulk, as well as personalized with names, logos or any content that the client requires, while preserving the tradition of our ancestors. The start-up is growth and is expanding products in quantity by providing the necessary machinery and products, such as silk. The innovation that you will find in "Qëndistari Zyberaj" are traditional products brought in a form suitable for the time, but without losing their value. She has been announced the winner of the Challenge Fund grant from the EU for Innovation

JEN – Junior Entreprise

Junior Enterprise is a company, an umbrella organisation, which engages juniors with skills in BPO in programing and architecture, either by hiring them or offering their start-ups to work as sub-contractors or by participating as a mother company, to youth start-ups.


Platform for orientation of students towards university studies in Albania and abroad, assistance in application and student living, etc.

My Little Tirana

My Little Tirana is your main destination for culinary tourism. A brand platform, the first in Albania, for the culinary evaluation of bars and restaurants. In it you will find an extensive database of restaurants in Tirana, divided according to your categories and preferences. For any restaurant, you will find an appreciation not only for the food but for the tasting experience.



iPRAlbania is an online platform in the field of Journalism, Public Relations and Marketing, which aims to contribute to these fields of study with information and publications to help young students and professionals who currently have a significant lack of literature. It also aims to promote students to professionals, engage in internship opportunities as well as their employment. The innovation it brings is the innovation of being the only platform created for students of these fields, which at the same time brings cooperation with professionals, creating a facilitating ecosystem in the labor market.


Shkolla Online

Shkolla Online is an online teaching platform that helps students find free and organized educational courses, as well as help teachers throughout the technical process of conducting lectures. The innovation of this idea consists in the decentralized model for creating videos and content, including teachers from all regions and students who can access the materials at any time. In other words, Shkolla Online aims to become the "Youtube of learning" in Albania.


Farm “Tomi-to”

"Tomi-to" consists of creating a farm with high quality organic products, starting from tomatoes. The startup is in the initial stages and the target group is the domestic and European market, achieving all quality certifications. Quality, special product variations and production in large quantities make it an innovative idea for Albania.


NOC by Nora

The idea of "NOC by Nora" aims to create a fashion studio that with its collections bring heritage values in modern days and beyond. The use of traditional materials and models according to the areas of Albania, brought in line with fashion trends, as well as the practicality of our daily life is the innovation of this startup. "Cikat" will be the first collection, which throughout the process, in addition to preserving the tradition, will also support the empowerment of women.



I-Move is a solution to the gap in mobility information and passenger access services on public transport. The application will provide real-time info on the arrival / departure times of vehicles during the stay at the station or at home. I-Move works as a B2C and B2B solution.


6.ViaEgnatia – Make Burek Not War

Via Egnatia will be a virtual tour that will enable tourists to have a tourist experience from the screen. Provides a virtual tour, promotes local businesses and also enables booking service.
This startup aims to create a space where all the information about Apollonia can be found, in an organized way and in a new form to explore it as a historical tourist destination.
The team is the winner of the ViaEgnatia2.0 Hackathon organized by the French Alliance in Tirana and the French Embassy in Albania, with the participation of eight universities.
Project video:


Hora Artizanal

"Hora Artizanal" is a handicraft business, which has been operating in the market for 10 years. It offers original handmade products as well as recycling of traditional ones. The wide range of what is produced starts from natural stone jewelry, home furniture to cross or crochet. "Hora Artizanal" is in a growth phase and aims to diversify products, as well as create a new segment. The interest group are people passionate about handicrafts or jewelry, as well as tourists. The innovation it brings is the quality of the products and their special and unique designs.

Events Studio

"Events Studio" has been on the market for several years and its purpose is to provide a full package of services in organizing events. The package includes photos, video, audio, lighting, event design, and all this using advanced technology. The start-up is in the growth phase and the target group of interest is companies and institutions, as well as individuals who want to organize an event. The studio innovation lies in the complete package that includes all in one, as well as quality service thanks to special tools.


Shametaj Bee Farm

The idea of this startup is to trade under one brand - honey product from local producers, in new forms of packaging for businesses. Social enterprise which preserves the tradition of the province of Vlora and Selenica. The motto of the business is nature conservation and production of natural products. Closer to the community with the sustainable Farm To Table model (Production-Collection-Packaging-Distribution).


The purpose of the idea of "ART DOR" is the production and sale of modern products by designing them with traditional elements of our cultural heritage. A catalog is provided from which customers can select, making it easier to create a product basket. The start-up is still in the idea stage and the target groups of interest are businesses such as hotels, restaurants, guest houses, but also interested individuals. The innovation brought by "ART DOR" is about the possibility of finding works by several artisans of different styles, according to specific needs, where they simultaneously adapt to the time.



"Sapientify" is an online platform that offers teaching to students, through courses and literature. Thus distance, time or number of students is no longer a problem. The platform also includes practical tasks that make the study 3 times more effective. The start-up is in the implementation stages and the target groups of interest are young people 24-38 years old who want to learn a foreign language, be trained or participate in seminars at national and international level. The added value that Sapientify brings is a practical and effective teaching method, which includes four main skills: listening; speaking; reading; writing which is taught remotely, through a combination of games, practice and theory during the learning process.