Facilities of Metropolitan Tirana University

The campus of Metropolitan Tirana University is comprised of two buildings in the most favorable positions of the capital.

"Central Building" and "Building 2" are located on "Sotir Kolea" and "Pjeter Budi" streets, near Student City. These buildings include auditors, libraries, the Rectorate, faculties and departments, academic and administrative staff offices, as well as the laboratories of the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, the Faculty of Computer Science and IT and the Faculty of Economics. Metroresearch, Metropolitan Incubator and Metropolitan Geospatial Center also operate in the campus.

Metropolitan Tirana University has created a modern infrastructure that meets the needs of students, academic and administrative staff. Over the years, well-located UMT facilities have also been used to conduct trainings, courses or events with other partner institutions.

Metropolitan Tirana University follows the models of the most renowned European universities, with modern architecture, equipped with multifunctional facilities and easily accessible to all interest groups.


Laboratory of Building Materials

The Laboratory of Building Materials is located in the Central Building of Metropolitan Tirana University. In this laboratory are found the main equipment for which engineering students should have the necessary knowledge, such as presses to determine concrete strength,vibrating concrete working table,furnaces to accelerate the drying of concrete, digital "Vebu " type measuring equipment. concrete consistency etc.

With these equipments, the laboratory work is implemented "Concrete Weapons Constructions" and "Material Technology", where students are able to determine the strength of concrete in compression, the influence of different factors on concrete resistance, the determination of specific weight of materials inert, study of properties of building materials etc.


Laboratory of Natural Sciences

Metropolitan Tirana University has in its structure the laboratory of Natural Sciences, which is equipped with all the materials needed to conduct experiments in the function of academic programs. This laboratory performs laboratory work in the fields of physics, chemistry and biology.

The Laboratory of Natural Sciences offers the capacity to develop laboratory classes for a large number of students. During lab hours, students also learn the steps to follow in the process of collecting scientific data.

Geotechnical Laboratory

Geotechnical LaboratoryThe Geotechnical Laboratory at Metropolitan Tirana University is equipped with all the equipment to cover all practical and laboratory work in subjects related to soil physico-mechanical properties, determination of their resistance, soil behavior, etc.

This laboratory specifically serves the Civil Engineering study program, in bachelor and master cycles. Some of the tests performed in this laboratory are granular composition analysis, consolidation test, plan cutting test, etc.


Laboratory of Informatics

The Informatics Laboratory is equipped with computers suitable for the development of academic subjects, where all the programs necessary to meet the objectives of this courses "Introduction to Programming", "Computer Architecture" or "Operating Systems" are installed.

Students of Metropolitan Tirana University have the opportunity to do teaching internships, complete course assignments as well as conduct various training activities.


Multifunctional Laboratory

Multifunctional laboratory is equipped with a large number of computers, being accessible to more students. The modern computers of this room have professional programs installed to serve their students in design, programming, etc. Some of the subjects developed in this lab are "Numerical Methods and Matlab ", "Distributed Systems" and "Software Testing and Verification".

This laboratory is available to all study programs at the three faculties of Metropolitan Tirana University, namely the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, the Faculty of Computer Science and IT and the Faculty of Economics.


Software Development Laboratory

The software development laboratory at Metropolitan Tirana University is designed to support students of the Faculty of Computer Science and IT in acquiring practical knowledge in the field of software engineering and computer engineering.
The devices have the right parameters to handle the most advanced software, with the aim of developing courses like "Advanced Java Programming", "Mobile Programming", "Web Programming", "Data Structure and Algorithm Analysis" etc.


Computer Simulation Laboratory

The Computer SimulationLaboratory at Metropolitan Tirana University enables the development of newest subjects in the field of Software Engineering. This laboratory helps students gain practical knowledge and provides them with an environment where they can develop university-related projects or other projects that they would like to work on.

Some of the courses that take place in this laboratory are "Data mining", "Advanced Computer Networking", "Virtual Programming Languages", "Natural Language Processing" etc.


Laboratory of Automation and EPGA

Laboratory automation is intended for all students of Electrical Engineering at the Metropolitan Tirana University, bachelor's and master's levels, who want to specialize in control systems, digital electronics or medical electronic devices.This laboratory provides students with the theoretical knowledge gained during lectures to practice in the practical hours with the equipment they will need to use in the future while practicing.

Laboratory of Power Distribution Systems and Electronic Devices

All electrical engineering students who specialize in power systems, power systems, and motor systems are trained in this laboratory. Amongst many modern equipment, this laboratory includes high-power conductors, wiring systems, electromagnetic systems, generators and electric motors, speed control motors and other measuring equipment.

Laboratory of communications and signal processing

Laboratory of communications and signal processing is available to all students of Computer Sciences and IT. The laboratory is equipped with electronic boards, oscilloscopes and signal generators for the experimentation and verification of analogue and digital electronics phenomena.

This laboratory is always enriched with new equipment for the purpose of study programs. There are a number of subjects developed in this laboratory, such as "Management of Power Transmission Systems", "Digital Control", "Basics of Automation", "Electronic Measurement", "Programmable Electronic Systems", "Power Electronics" etc.


Laboratory of Electrical and Electronic Measurements

The laboratory of electrical and electronic measurements at Metropolitan Tirana University is equipped with the necessary equipment to carry out various studies depending on the academic programs set. The laboratory has the right infrastructure where students are given the opportunity to do individual work. This laboratory is equipped with a variety of equipment such as signal amplifiers, oscilloscopes, signal generators, temperature control kits etc.