Preparatory courses for State Matura

Metropolitan Tirana University organizes preparatory courses for the State Matura exams, which are offered free of charge to all interested. The courses are taught by renowned educators and experts in the relevant fields.
The purpose of the free courses is to prepare the graduates for the State Matura exams, where over the weeks they practice the theses of the past years, refresh the knowledge of each subject, solve various exercises etc. Graduates have the opportunity to attend courses of more than one subject at a time.
Metropolitan Tirana University offers free preparatory courses in the following subjects:

1. Literature
2. Mathematics
3. English
4. Informatics
5. Physics
6. Economics
7. Architecture

The courses are held in the Central building of Metropolitan TiranaUniversity, at the address “SotirKolea and Budi” street, Student City, Tirana.

For any questions about the free courses you can write to or contact us on mobile number 0692591493.