A unique scholarship program offered by graduate students for graduates with special needs, the integration of internships during the study period and the doctoral program in Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Systems, these are some of the innovations for the next academic year from  Metropolitan Tirana University.

In the second edition of the "MTU Alumni" awards, the Metropolitan Tirana  University presented several initiatives for the next academic year, starting with the "MTU ALUMNI Scholarship", a project of young graduates from this university in support of categories or groups in need special to pursue higher studies. In the event that brought together graduated students over the years, representatives of institutions and business, Rector Nikolla Civici presented this initiative as support for a cause with the ambition to continue for a long time.

"MTU has made its contribution to social activities such as the causes dedicated to different social groups while today's activity brings a new initiative which carries not only the commitment of MTU as an institution, but the commitment of each of us in support of young people who, for some reason, find education difficult. It is part of the aim to expand the university's impact on society, as we have done through the scientific research that remains our pride. The staff has been involved in a number of research activities in a field of projects offered by donors as well as in institutions abroad and we feel good that the students are also involved in this process", said the Rector Civici.

The President of the Metropolitan Tirana University Arjan Çukaj said that the mentoring programs have taken a real form of organization through the "MTU Alumni Mentor" program, where graduated students over the years work with current students to create more opportunities for them in the labor market. Addressing the students who graduated from MTU, Çukaj said that: "Alumni have received an added value with the creation of the "Metropolitan Alumni Mentor" program for students, who cannot find better inspiration than you, since in you project themselves with the professional achievements you have. Adding to the good practice of the excellence scholarships we offer is the MTU Alumni Scholarship, a student contribution for high school graduates who want to continue their university studies. This is completely in line with the values ​​of the university and fills us with joy".

Also, Arjan Çukaj presented two innovations in the second decade of the university, such as doctoral studies in the Faculty of Computer Science and IT, as well as the 4 and 6 month internship program.

The Metropolitan Tirana University is a name that has value and I thank you for choosing its difficult programs, but also the families who trusted us in the education of their children. After a great work with Albanian and foreign professors, UMT is in its 11th year and comes with an innovation such as the doctoral program in Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Systems. The Metropolitan Tirana University  has worked hard to bring the curricula and programs closer to the industry, being as close as possible to market requirements, but also with the decision taken this year to integrate internships, which are long practices of four and six months near enterprises, was regularly mentored by both the company and the university as a way to gain time to jump into professional life", said Arjan Çukaj.

In this second edition, the Excellence in Education Award, Distinguished Alumni, Career Award, Alumni Contribution Award, "My Professor" Award and the Social Peace Award were awarded to the people of Ukraine "For the patriotism and willingness shown for the country under the Russian occupation". The award was presented to the representative of the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Albania, Ruslan Tsilvik.

"I am honored to be here today and deeply impressed by the support that Albanians are giving to Ukraine in such a difficult situation. I feel very privileged for this award. At a moment like this, every award motivates us as a people, since as you all know Ukraine is facing an aggression", said Tsilvik.

With over 1,500 graduates, Metropolitan Tirana University remains the leader in training students in exact sciences through study programs in engineering, architecture, computer science and economics, in partnership with over 40 European universities where students benefit from Erasmus exchanges offered by the European Union .