President of the Republic Mr. Ilir Meta decorated the former Rector of the Metropolitan University Tirana Prof.Dr. Ahmet Ceni (posthumously) with the high title "Grand Master" with the motivation "In assessing the outstanding contribution to academic life with valuable scientific and applicative publications and works, in the field of the labor market, employment, and management. With gratitude for the significant influence given as an expert in management and economics, contributing to the direction of economic policies in the country, and the extraordinary and tireless work in educating young generations in the auditoriums of the Albanian universities.

In a ceremony with the participation of the family members of Professor Ahmet Ceni, the leaders and pedagogues of the Metropolitan University Tirana and the University of Tirana, the President of the Republic highly appreciated the multidimensional contribution of the professor, who initially held the post of Dean of the Faculty of Economics at UMT, and then that of the Rector of the Metropolitan Tirana University until the early separation from life.

The full word of the President of the Republic Ilir Meta:

I am honored that we are together, to appreciate a very well-known personality of the academic world, a professor beloved and respected by his colleagues and the students, Prof. Dr. Ahmet Ceni.

He, unfortunately, is no longer, among us, because of Covid-19, the family misses an excellent husband and parent, while the university misses a tireless teacher and visionary and energetic leader. Prof. Dr. Ahmet Ceni was everyone's friend, values professor, and man of great heart. He dedicated his life to student formation, in the university auditoriums, not being spared in his scientific and professional commitment.

Professor Ceni's life has been closely linked to the education, schooling and formation of younger generations, a passion he pursued until the end of his life. Raised in a family with traditions, Prof Ceni was educated with a love for knowledge and education. With this love at heart, he attended university and doctoral studies at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Tirana, to further continue his specialized studies in Economics, near the University of Grenoble in France. Prof. Ahmet Ceni was one of the most qualified teachers in the field of economics, with the title Professor, a title which he honored until the end of his life and continues to honor with the generations of students, who remember him with respect and gratitude.

Prof. Ahmet Ceni's extraordinary contribution to the academic life of the country began in 1978, as a teacher at the University “Luigj Gurakuqi”, Shkodër, and later on at the University of Tirana, Faculty of Economics, as a teacher and head of department for several years.

Prof Ceni's contribution extended beyond the university even with the undertaking of several senior government posts, such as Dy. Minister in the Ministry of Public Works and Transport and that of Labor and Social Affairs. But his love for teaching and scientific study took Prof. Ceni back into auditoriums, at his real home at the University of Tirana. He then joined the large family of Metropolitan Tirana University, initially in the position of the Dean of the Faculty of Economics, and later on as Rector of the University, a task he held until his early separation from life.

Professor Ceni's contribution to the country's academic life is consistent, with over a hundred articles and works of scientific and applicative nature, in the field of the labor market, employment, organization, and management. He is the author of teaching texts of the Bachelor and Master levels, author of monographs, doctoral and scientific work advisor, as well as a participant in numerous scientific conferences and magazines inside and outside the country.

But beyond undisputed values and undeniable contribution to the professional field, Prof. Ahmet Ceni remains a symbol of rare human honesty and values.

He was a humanitarian person, of a stable and strong character, who loved and appreciated the work and above all, was willing at any moment to help each colleague or student of his.

With his work as a teacher, Prof. Ahmet Ceni has marked the lives and careers of many young people, who had the luck to work with him and remember him with respect and love.

Thank you!