Metropolitan University Tirana will offer ten study scholarships for Ukrainian students who will stay in Albania as a result of Russian aggression toward the Ukrainian people. At a meeting at the Ukrainian Embassy in Tirana with Ambassador Volodymyr Shkurov, UMT President Arjan Çukaj and Rector Prof. Dr. Nikola Civici expressed solidarity with the people of Ukraine, also offering employment opportunities for Ukrainian professors at the university.

"We have cooperation agreements with five universities in Ukraine. At metropolitan university, a range of programs is developed in English, which facilitates students' access to the university. Moreover, this feature enables us to welcome Ukrainian academic staff to profiles that match our programs, such as engineering, computer science, architecture, or economics. We are committed to giving our concrete contribution to this situation," said rector Nikolla Civici.

During the meeting, Ambassador Volodymyr Shkurov explained the critical humanitarian situation in Ukraine, which has brought a mass exodus of women and young people to border countries. In particular, he announced the arrival of the first Ukrainian families in Albania. Ambassador Shkurov also reported on the numerous destructions of the educational institutions, hospitals, and other important infrastructure facilities.

UMT President Arjan Çukaj clarified that Ukrainian students will be provided with a portion of the living expenses in Albania, while professors will have a higher salary to overcome difficulties caused by forced displacement.

"Maybe for Ukraine, it's a small act, but for Metropolitan University it's a big and very sincere commitment. We will support 10 students on scholarships, providing them with the payment of part of the expenses here. We are also happy to welcome up to five Ukrainian professors, who will engage full-time in teaching and scientific research at the university, providing a 40% higher fee than the level of wages we currently apply. They are experiencing an extreme situation and we must be nearby. We hope that the war will end as soon as possible, but in the meantime let us see this difficulty as a good premise to achieve fruitful collaborations in education and science," Çukaj said.

He added that Metropolitan University would launch a movement within the higher education system in Albania, to promote other universities in similar initiatives to support Ukrainian youth in continuing schooling. "We will start contacts with other universities to multiply this solidarity in support of Ukrainian students. We hope that Ukrainian students will not lose a day of their formation," Arjan Çukaj said during the meeting at the Ukrainian Embassy.

UMT thus becomes a participant in the #ScienceforUkraine Campaign, a group that has its mission to gather and distribute information about the opportunities of support at the university, national and international levels for graduate students and scholars directly linked to an academic institution in Ukraine.

Also, professors, administrative staff, and students of Metropolitan Tirana University have launched a sensitizing campaign to collect various aid in support of the Ukrainian people and will offer assistance to the Ukrainian Embassy in Tirana for their organization.

UMT currently has cooperation agreements with five Ukrainian universities, such as Kyiv National Economic University, Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas, Lviv Polytechnic National University, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, and Vasyl Stus Donetsk National University.