Mobility and duration of the scholarship:

Mobility will be realized during the academic year 2022-2023 and will last 6 months

Who can apply:

The students of the Faculty of Computer Science and IT in the program:

- Informatics Engineering
    Level: Master

    Scholarships include:

    - Monthly compensation for students (EUR 850 per month);

    - Travel costs (depending on the distance between the host university and that of the origin).

    To determine the distance please refer to this link:  Distance Calculator | Erasmus+ (

    Students who benefit from Erasmus+ mobility will not pay any fees for schooling at the host university. Students will continue to pay their tuition and/or registration fees at their university of origin.

    Documents needed for application:

    -Proofing and List of grades of the current study cycle (in English);

    - Copy of the passport;

    - Motivation letter;

     -Foreign language certificates (English B2, French B2);

     -Traineeship Agreement document;

    To download the Traineeship Agreement document, please click


    Deadline for application: 10 May 2022

    To apply please hand over documents scanned by email to the address or hand them over to the Directorate of Communication and Foreign Relations at the Metropolitan Tirana University.

    MTU wishes you many successes in your application!