Metropolitan Tirana University following the success of the first edition of Social Enterprise Courses, as part of the project to establish the Social Incubator MetSInc (Metropolitan Social Incubator) co-funded by the University Agency of Francophonie, announces the launch of the "Social Enterprise Courses II" during the period March-May 2022.

The courses will be organized in the form of online lectures, training, videos, written materials shared with students, as well as practical activities, workshops, and boot camps. Participation will be entirely free and open to all students, new startups, and interested in the field of social entrepreneurship.

At the end of all modules, students attending 95% of lectures will be equipped with a certificate proving their knowledge, from UMT and AUF.

The courses will be offered by well-known local and foreign experts in this field, where some of them are: Rajshri Deshpande – an Indian Social Activist acclaimed with prizes such as; the Water Hero Award, Social Entrepreneurship Award, Women Achievement Award, Nizar Adnani- Founder and co-founder of numerous social enterprises, consulting, and marketing specialist, Lavinia Enache -Manager of many specialized projects in the field of innovation, cultural industries, digital and organizational marketing, Jona Repishti - Director of the Massachusetts Institute Of Technology D-Lab, Genc Alimehmeti – Professor at the University of Tirana and scientific researcher at the University of Bologna, etc.

The purpose of these courses is to orient students' efforts towards social entrepreneurship and innovation.

All interested in attending these courses can register by clicking on this application form and will soon be contacted for all course follow-up details within 3 March 2022.

Modules and themes of courses can be accessed by clicking here:

Who are the lecturers?

Klotilda Kosta

Klotilda Kosta is Director of Programs at Partners Albania for Change and Development, where she heads the organization’s program areas for Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Sustainable Development of Civil Society. She has extensive experience in the direct design and management of various initiatives in support of youth start-ups and social enterprises in Albania. She also has managed the first initiative in the Western Balkan region for the social repurpose of organized crime-confiscated properties, turning them into social enterprises that produce goods and services for the community. Ms. Costa is a member of Partners Albania's research team, having authored and co-authored several studies, monitoring reports, needs assessments, documents, regulations, and articles with various topics related to her areas of expertise. She is an expert in designing and providing capacity-building programs. Ms. Costa is a board member of the Balkan Civil Society Development Network.

Genc Alimehmeti
is an Associate Professor in the Department of Management, at the University of Tirana, and a Researcher in the Department of Management, at the University of Bologna. He has lectured in various master's programs at the University of Bologna, Fondazione Alma Mater, Open University Italy (IUL), Bologna Business School, University of Malta, and Lady of Good Council. He was awarded the Ph.D. title in 2012 with a quantitative thesis based on data analysis. As a scientific researcher, he has had experience in various research teams at several universities, such as Brown University, London School of Economics, Antwerp University, Tilburg University, University of Malta, University G. D'Annunzio, and various organizations, including IPRASE (Italy), Agnelli Foundation (Italy), National Center of Research Italy, IFC - World Bank, European Union Delegation to Albania, The Albanian-American Development Foundation (AADF), LuxDev Kosova, etc. His research interests focus on the field of social entrepreneurship, sustainability, school leadership, corporate governance, corporate social responsibility, corporate payment incapacity, etc. On these topics, he has published in the Journals of Sustainability, Educational Management Administration & Leadership Journal; RicercAzione; International Journal for Educational Law and Policy; Journal of Accounting, Auditing, and Finance; etc.

Pleuras Rexhepi Ph.D.

is director of the Metropolitan Incubator, UMT. He graduated from one of Europe's best universities, King's College London with a Ph.D. degree in corporate strategy. He has worked for over 8 years at the University of Tirana as a lecturer in Corporate Innovation and Governance and has led businesses in various fields of entrepreneurship. He has also worked for a short time in the Council of Ministers, in the Directorate of Analysis of State Policies.

Dr. Alba Skendaj
has been engaged for more than 10 years as an external teacher with the Department of Management, FE UT where she currently holds the position of lecturer. She has completed her studies in Economics and Justice and holds the title "Doctor of Sciences" from the EU Department of Policy and Governance, ISE-UT. Dr. Skendaj is involved in several NGO and IAL projects in Albania, mainly as an expert, both in planning and implementing several projects funded by local or foreign donors. She has been involved as a scientific associate in projects at the Faculty of Business Sciences, the University of Bologna, and Metropolitan Tirana University. She is engaged as an external expert at the Quality Assurance Agency in Higher Education, as well as the National Contact Point (NCP) for the Joint Research Centre, Horizon2020, EU program. She has published various scientific articles as well as has participated in various national and international conferences. She is engaged in teaching the following subjects: Human Resources Management, Business Management, Advanced Business Strategy, Reward Management, Corporate Governance, Innovation, Systems Planning, and Managerial Control in the bachelor’s and master’s programs. Field of research: Management, bankruptcy, innovation, leadership in education, performance management in public institutions.

Ph.D. Candidate Elona Cera
currently Professor at the Faculty of Economics, Metropolitan University Tirana. Simultaneously, engaged as Coordinator at the Metropolitan Business Incubator. Her position in this institution means exercising her function as an academic and simultaneously promoting, motivating, and engaging young people in activities of entrepreneurship and innovation. She is recently attending doctoral studies at Thomas Bata University in Zlin. Furthermore, she has completed the Summer Academy for Young Professionals in Ecosystems of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Lund University from which she has also gained status as a change agent for important community issues such as entrepreneurship and innovation. She is currently co-creator and co-implementor of a project funded by the Sweden Institute regarding entrepreneurs in the field of technology.

Ph.D. Candidate Almarin Frakulli

has a bachelor's degree in International Economic Relations from the Faculty of Business Management at the "Angel Kanchev" University of Rousse, Bulgaria. He has also attended the master's program in Finance and Banking at CV. Kiril University of “Metodii", Tarnovo, Bulgaria. After graduation, for seven years he has worked in the energy sector as part of the Treasury Department in Cez Albania. He is currently a professor at the Faculty of Economics, Department of Management of Metropolitan Tirana University, and a professor in the Department of Management, UT. He is a Ph.D. researcher and candidate in the field of Tax Policies. His work has focused on seeking a tax policy impact on SME sector activity in Albania.

Ina Begotaraj (Bregaj)

Has completed her graduate studies, Master of Science at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Tirana. She is engaged as an external teacher in this faculty in some subjects such as Social Business, and Organizational Behavior. She currently works as a manager of the European Integration Sector at Tirana Municipality, with an 8-year experience in public administration. Initially in this process, as an Excellence student, she was part of many trainings, workshops in the framework of start-ups, and enterprises, and then in other organizations within Albania and abroad for young people, increased capacities, innovation, etc.

Some of the most recent publications in this regard are:

1. Almarin Frakulli -SMEs development in Albania- the impact of tax policies on reliable sector growth. /13th International Conference of ASECU Social and Economic Challenges in Europe 2016-2020 (May 19-20, 2017, in Durres, Albania)
2. Jorida Xhafaj, Almarin Frakulli - The impact of public security in the information privacy: Analysis of the ECHR Rulings/ 6th UBT International Conference UBT Kosovo. (27-29 October 2017 in Durres, Albania)
3. Almarin Frakulli - Financial Policy as a pool of Economic Stabilization - the case of Albania" 4th Albanian University International Conference (22 December 2017 in Tirana, Albania)

Ph.D. (candidate) Majlinda Dhuka

is a lawyer, with an experience of about 20 years in the public sector and engagement as a lecturer in universities. It has experience in development and growth, strategic planning and management, projects, financing, investment, establishment and organizational growth, development cooperation, etc. She is a mentor to the Metropolitan Incubator – METINC – of Metropolitan University Tirana, as well as a lecturer for Business Management and Projects, Project Management (Engineering), Contract Management, Corporate Governance, etc.

MSc. Lorina Misku
graduated from the University of Tirana and won the Master of Science in Public Law. She is the coordinator of the National Policies and Priorities, of the Prime Ministry. The particular focus of expertise is public law and development policies, as well as the managerial approach. Lorina has a particular interest in integration processes as well as in contributing to comprehensive developments. It has recently shown interest in mentoring projects that focus on development access and capacity building. She has carried out a series of training for her fields of expertise, as well as being the Alumni of the Academy of European Integration and Negotiations. She is the co-author of several scientific publications, near the University of Tirana.