Over a decade in the higher education sector, Metropolitan Tirana University has had the main objective of meeting the needs of the labor market with access to exact sciences. The student employment rate six months from graduation is 80%, while the university's new strategy aims to provide paid practices from the time of studies.

Why wait for a job when you can assure it during your studies? There's really no reason. This is thanks to the agreement that Metropolitan Tirana University, focused on innovation and the creation of professions always coherent with the labor market, has reached with the leader Iris Software Group, by offering students a golden opportunity to increase their professional skills.

MTU's continued attention to preparing new specialists in line with the requirements of prestigious international companies offers them the opportunity to a paid practice to the Iris Software Group.

5 high-performing students will benefit during the studies cycle at this first stage. Students Xhoziana Kaciu, Klea Cako, and Klajdi Lavdari from the bachelor's cycle and Enes Stastoli and Ervin Nikolli from the master's studies cycle are immediately launched from this agreement. The practices offered by IRIS Software Group will be under the direction of the company's most qualified mentors.

Iris Software Group is among MTU's prestige partners, leading in its field in Great Britain offers service to businesses, schools, and software organizations for more than four decades. IRIS Software Group has developed considerable expertise in providing solutions designed specifically for the needs of the accounting, education, human resources, and payroll sectors.