Coworking places have an increasing importance in today’s world. This open seminar sheds light in some characteristics of coworking places its role around the world and particular characteristics in Albania. The seminar will focus on a study about coworking places in Albania, including spatial, aesthetical, and constructive aspects. This workshop is part of the project COST Action CA18214 'The geography of New Working Spaces and the impact on the periphery' funded by the Horizon 2020. A special guest lecturer will be Prof. Mina di Marino, Associate Professor of Urban and Regional Planning, (NMBU Norway) who is also the Science Communication Manager of this Cost Action Project.

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- 14:00 Introduction of the Event from Prof. Asoc. Dr. Emre Çeçen, Dean of Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, Metropolitan Tirana University.

- 14:15 Greeting speech by Arlind Haxhijaj Founder of Cool Lab & Greeting speech by Prof. Melania Keci, Tirana Municipality.

- 14:30 Presentation by Prof. Mina di Marino (NMBU Norway) - New Working Spaces in Norway and the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

- 15:00 Presentation by Prof. Dritan Osmani (Epoka University) and Kejsi Kuzari (Metropolitan Tirana University) - Conclusions and Analysis of Coworking places in Albania.

- 15:30 MSc. Anxhela Lama (Metropolitan Tirana University) Structural Challenges for adaptation of existing buildings to large coworking spaces.

- 16:00 Dr. Sonila Daiu (Metropolitan Tirana University), Importance of Coworking places for Education.

- 16:30 Dr. Ernest Shtepani (Metropolitan University Tirana), Spatial Analysis of coworking places and the possibility of a prototype.

- 17:00 Round table discussion (also virtual) Challenges of coworking places in Albania, comparison and conclusions