Admission Criteria for Bachelor programs

Any Albanian or foreign citizen who has graduated from high school and has fulfilled State Matura obligations or has completed one cycle of studies, is eligible to apply for one of the programs offered by Tirana Metropolitan University.

Applications are only available through the U-Albania portal. Any candidate interested in pursuing studies at UMT should choose Tirana Metropolitan University as one of his 10 preferences in this portal during the application stages.

All candidates who wish to pursue one of the bachelor programs must meet the average grade criterion set by DCM, No. 295, dated 10.05.2019.

For integrated program in Architecture as well as programs offered in English, the student must have successfully passed the English language exam based on the instruction no. 52, dated 03.12.2015.

Documentation Required for Bachelor Degree Programs:

  • Notarized copy of the State Matura Diploma
  • Notarized copy of State Matura Certificate
  • In case the candidate has completed the gymnasium abroad, he/she must submit the diploma evaluation by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports
  • Two pictures
  • Identification document (photocopy)