The Metropolitan Tirana University Administrative Staff plays an important role in achieving the institution's objectives, from organizing and promoting activities, designing and implementing projects, creating procedural facilities for students, academics and supporting various procedures.

Directorate of Communication and External Relations


Director: Dr. Erida Elmazi



Project Management Office specialists identify and analyze application calls on projects such as Horizon 2020, Creative ... Read more

Office of Marketing and Public Relations

The Office of Marketing and Public Relations prepares a strategic communication and marketing plan for the university, ... Read more

Office of Admissions and Career Counseling

Office of Admissions and Career Counseling helps all students with information on study programs, scholarship ... Read more

Office of Alumni and Student Relations

The Alumni and Student Relations Office provides and contributes to the organization of student activities throughout ... Read more

Office of Foreign Relations

The Office of Foreign Relations is responsible for establishing links with foreign universities and signing ... Read more

Directorate of Finance and Support Services


Director: Elvis Hazizi



The Finance Office is responsible for the financial affairs of the university, adhering to the budgets approved by the ... Read more


The Office of Human Resources prepares job descriptions for each position, compiles and announces vacancies, drafts ... Read more


The IT office is responsible for controlling, maintaining and repairing the institution's computer systems, installing ... Read more

Archive-Protocol Office

The Archive-Protocol Office specialists are responsible for the effective management of all the institution's documents ... Read more

Sanitary and Maintenance Services

For an efficient administrative and academic processes, a hygienic, orderly and comfortable environment that is staffed ... Read more

Teaching Secretariat


Prime Secretary: Klearda Rapushi


Teaching Secretariat

The Teaching Secretariat is always at the service of students and lecturers to ensure a successful academic process.The Teaching Secretariat is responsible for registering students, archiving their documentation, providing students with various documents they may need as grades lists or certificates. Also, Teaching Secretariat administers exam seasons from secretion of theses, publication of exam results, complaining processes etc.

Internal Quality Assurance Office


Title: Av. Besa Mançka


Internal Quality Assurance Office

Internal Quality Assurance is a legal obligation of higher education institutions. This unit is set up by higher education institutions and operates through an internal quality assurance unit. The structure and functions of this unit are specified in the university charter. The ISSB drafts standards for internal quality assurance in accordance with the Quality Code. The unit conducts periodic assessments of teaching and research activity. An integral task of this unit is also to conduct a student questionnaire of each funding semester on the quality of teaching for the courses offered by the university.