Incubator of Education, InED

Project areas: Capacitating and providing youth with the skills needed to develop a startup.

Implementation Center: "Metroresearch"

Project duration: 2019-2021

Implementation of the project and activities

The main purpose of this project is to promote and nurture new technologies or innovations such as startups, among educational institutions, financial institutions, industries and other entities. Through this project, youth are encouraged to develop technical and creative skills, resulting in initiatives that are further developed through training and incubation.

Project Objectives

  • • Promotion of new incentives for young startups
  • • Encouraging youth in developing technical and creative skills in the field of innovation and startups
  • • Providing technical and technological support to all youth engaged in developing new incentives and startups.
  • • Developing networking and partnerships among youth engaged in developing new and innovative ideas.

The intervention of this project consists in empowering youth and developing their skills in creating innovative and creative ideas. Through this project, youth will be trained and incubated on the latest practices for creating, developing and implementing a startup.