The Research office “Metroresearch” has functioned as an integral part of the scientific and academic activity of PHEI “Metropolitan Tirana University” since its creation and operation and recently is registered as an independent Center.

The center aims to contribute to the professional and academic capacities of University, as well as introduce applicable standards particularly in the field of construction, information technology, sustainable development, the involvement of communities in local development, civic education, art and cultural heritage and other areas linked to it beyond the university students.

Metroresearch provides suitable spaces: mentoring, management, consulting for strategic partners in the development of research projects. The academic and administrative staff will receive comprehensive information of the progress and results of projects developed through presentations and workshops.

“Metroresearch” established the incubator inviting students from Metropolitan Tirana University as well as from other universities, aiming at encouraging students and youngsters in identifying and implementing innovative ideas in information technology but not only. These ideas may serve as start-up potential business that can operate in each relevant field.

Metroresearch comprises 3 full time project experts and a vast list of external professionals ready to input for relevant fields.

Actually Metroresearch has created strategic partnerships with EU member countries’ research institutions like Italy, Greece, Spain, Cyprus, Hungary, etc. as well as with regional partners like Kosovo, Macedonia.

In a period of less than a year, Metroresearch team has developed and submitted application for INTERREG, IADSA, IPA - CBC and is in the process of developing LIFE and H2020 Applications.

The team also explored internal grant programs especially in the field of applied technologies for monitoring environmental issues and culture.

Virtual Cicero

Project areas: Promotion and growing audiences in the arts, culture and heritage.
Implementation Center "Metroresearch"
Project duration: 15 April 2016- 30 September 2016
Implementation of the project and activities

The aim of the project "Virtual Cicero" is the promotion of contemporary models of information systems in the field of art and culture, by raising awareness of cultural values and improving the access of visitors to this area.

Project Objectives

* Improving services and promoting the highest level of artistic education and outreach activities of the National Art Gallery
* Improving knowledge and capacity building of staff of the Art Gallery as well as usage of the application.
* Strengthening and increasing cooperation between cultural institutions with national and international partners, promoting the preservation, presentation and promotion of the national heritage of the Albanian state in the field of visual arts.
* Facilitation on correctly flowing the information from specialized staff to visitors, which increases their number.
* Increase the number of young Albanian and foreign visitors, with digital methods of information for the Albanian art

Intervention by this project consisted in the provision of an information system in the premises of the Art Gallery, which displays information about the application of the art facilities located in Gallery, on the screen of the smartphone devices or tablets. Through it, the visitors attending the Art Gallery, can view information on specific works of art, without the need for the presence of a human interpreter, cicero. Furthermore, the purpose of the application is to improve services offered by the institution even further. Specifically Metroresearch intervention,is aimed at increasing interest and familiarity with these works of art, especially in younger ages, through attendance attractive elements of these environments and by using the application. In this way they will be able to recognize the cultural and historical values, increasing the level of knowledge about art and culture.