Interior Design Summer School

Learn how to complete an interior for an apartment, shop or bar.

When: 27.8.2019 – 5.9-2019

Where: UMT, Tirana, Albania.

Lectures and turors: Ark. Nikola Ghilardi, Arch.Drini Nosi, Arch Ernest Shtepani Contact: Email:, number: +355 69 25 91 493

The Summer School is intended for International and Albanian Students, who want to learn how to complete an interior for an apartment, shop or bar.

Fee for participation: 300 Euros.

Reduced fee for participants: 150 Euros (partner universities)

Total work load: 80 hour

Tirana has a high demand of clients asking for better Interior Design. From apartments to bars or shops everyone is searching for a better interior design. That of course raises the expectation for professionals to being able to draw better interior spaces.

The course aims at giving students the basic know-how about interior design for the topics such as: Design and Design theory, materials and application of materials, convincing a client and project presentation, design tricks from various case studies etc. The summer school aims in ten days to prepare architecture, or design students with the basic know-how on how to design an interior and become successful in the market.

Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of AutoCAD, Drawing, Photoshop.


• Design styles through history. General trend. Design, styles and trends of Interior Design. (3 hours).

Class work: Sketching and putting in evidence of different design styles. (Reading and selecting projects from Magazines and Journals of Interior Design)

• The Importance of Material in Interior Design (1 Hour).

Class work-Visiting shops and understanding the interior materials, paper, wood, tiles, bricks.

Laboratory work-Selecting a site and space for designing an interior, students will be given a space for starting the design process. It could be an empty apartment, a bar which need reconstruction or a shop.

• Furniture/Wooden workshop-3 hours.

Visiting furniture workshops.

Lecture –Design tricks for designing furniture. Laboratory work-Each student works on the plan of the Interior.

• Lighting in the Interior /where to position lighting Industrial design style.

Visit shops and exploring various lighting design opportunities.

Laboratory work-Each student works on the plan of the Interior.

• Laboratory work.

Each student works for the project of the Interior.

• Individual work.

• “Design tricks/How to overcome various obstacles.”

Case studies.

Laboratory work: Finishing the 3d of the interior.

• Electrical and Hydraulic Installation. Talking with Technicians.

Laboratory work: Finishing the 3d of the interior-Application of Materials.

• “How to Convince a Client. Making a good impression. Market success Tips.

Laboratory work: Placing lighting in the Interior.

• Lecture, rendering, image and representation.

Laboratory-work-rendering and photoshop.

• Economic assessment for the interior. Making a simple price calculation

Laboratory work.

Presentation of the Final work.

Group role. Client-Designer.

• Distribution of Certificates.

If you are interested please contact:


Number: +355 69 25 91 493

Universiteti “Metropolitan Tirana”